the Last Page

by Lorenzo's Tractor

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What does it say On the last page Such was the end of our friend What bars our way makes us travel along it Where quiet men awaited freedom The marker flew past If any one part is accepted as truth Before she was aware of my intentions Now what the hell ya suppose is eatin them But it falls! It falls. Such joy is always imperilled He weighs the volume in his hand With her head in an oven The coldness was spreading Not that it matters Each tells the other that he is not The hardness of it astonishes me Too much of mere being That is how I like to begin each day I can walk! I can walk! I can walk! Like a pen on your bedside table He would not Could not I need some air Keep em comin Don’t feel bad He’s an experienced hunter It’s exhausting Just sit still And stop him We’ve changed too much Someone could get hurt I’m so ashamed Go back in That’s right love Now close your eyes Damn right I am Dry Emotionless I actually knew that offhand There’s nothing here Way too risky Let’s just hope We’re saved Take you by force
To crate the statue up. To nothing... To go home with me? To say hi while I'm near a phone. To run. Have fun. I love you. To go live in my stomach. To think about it. To work cos we are late. To do some more tests To take it back, To go back To the store and get a test. To normal. - Who are you? To know what's... She'll be fine. To get a handle on this. To bed. To sign in. - I'll only be five minutes. To sign in. Duty-free. To go. So there are... what? To a very powerful few. To put wires inside my head? To talk about what happened. - Why? To be looking for? Watch. Stop. To get a second opinion. - They think To go to school. To church because I don't believe in God. To God, the more open they are to the torment of their demons. To Friday night. - Yeah. To Friday night, honey. To hell - Hey, girlfriend. To me, To get her To a safe place. To be inspirational. To you. To speak To me To know. To become a priest. Why? To get back


released November 28, 2019

written, arranged, performed, mixed, and mastered by Lorenzo's Tractor at Five Miles From Nowhere
2019 Rights Are Lies!


all rights reserved



Lorenzo's Tractor Duluth, Minnesota

Lorenzo's Tractor is distorted information, misrepresented doctrines, abstracted absolutes, concepts and misconceptions, sounds which must exist because they can exist, a pure expression of the fabric of reality.

It ain't art, man. It's life.
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