Blood Is Cheap

by Lorenzo's Tractor

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Mistake 03:34
she was a precocious youth the principals of the uprising the details the dynamics the analysis she’d heard that drinking would go out they had to around her boyfriend’s neck kick my life for real refused to leave a focus on the first to be slaughtered at least a half dozen confessions below. this has never been proved she says of the accession negotiations declared disclosure having suffered rejection after 10 p.m. not even to go sleep in her own ground-floor apartment When she first realized She had no money it would be normal where she lived most social isolation maybe now this was home she is pretty sure all these years I’m not helping you for anyone. she confessed my final destination she says. she is here in spirit and whether or not they would say I broke the night still too few sips It was so we shared it
Withdrawl 06:02
I lay on the floor in the hallway. Tell me now, so we can go pretty unhappy at that point I didn't much care I had gone to relapse ”Let's do it once, just…” as addictive a respected community member with a new drug called I know me just look the keys to a paradise but addiction doesn't care seemed like a perfect excuse to stop I never heard of it started as one of those horrible ruminations I might benefit from the morning after Because I had money we feel that long-forgotten urge to absorb the coolness It didn't have experience with me yet I was devastated and a life that looked pretty damn… quickly after that Descent writhing on the floor of depression and then a trip to get to the surface? That feeling in our heads I came to my eyes but I laughed it's worse At one point, I went several days without minimization to a group my self-respect I went on the anxiety continued to get worse so I stopped almost like we'd been given paradise it was a scam Back to the Hell on time our backs twisting We were haggard and shaking violently we recommend, with your life but after that it stops feeling like fire salty and aching with a rare gift for being easily frustrated Anxiety became difficult to focus on his face See? I told you I would agitated Fatigue set in It sounded promising I made it seem as though there are some mornings when I woke up at all now I’ll have some clean time
Victim 05:15
was not the typical victim of mind but it cost him his experience as a wide range of violence both in public and in private she called him from suffering at night and harassed him so much she could get through this but he lacked the sleep he related a story about what happened she had little success he managed to do his job one night because the nightmares he needed to find his escape made a mistake he was facing a new crisis as well after one of his concerns the young, but by the time they spoke about what had happened to find a safer place to break into her unwanted attention “at first I didn’t want to talk to you,” told us she had already survived being taken away
Refugee 06:55
We did somethin' we both know it diabolical, cramped, plagued by inhabitants suffering from shocking reality inside far below minimum standards We don't talk too much about the awful truth the crisis that it is hungry and distressed suffering is all perilous journeys no real big secret aid and protection nowhere to be found should and can do better it don't really matter to me stomach cramps, fever and vomiting debris, disease, failure You believe what you want Somewhere, somehow somebody overflowing extremely poor far below the standards Tell me why you people had only one meal stretched out in your abandon absolutely abject harmful, appalling it don't make no difference to me Injuries incurred treatment insufficient I'm sure a lot of other suffering been attacked during the night, a fear But it's one of those things sexual violence is critical a limited response You gotta feel problems tension problems Somewhere, somehow somebody rather than simply turning a blind eye dreadful disaster It don't really matter to me You don't have to live
In Your Arm 10:50
captured the tragedy that formed me from in my mind he was left alone these feelings without any of the other things that I am the Order feel like just a new version of my name written on me it was the way that you should be my jugular vein She should not have answers that time didn’t take it too much for them will not only girls, just my arm was young beginning with a dead person but unaware that you handled, contended with her feelings it was about, and look: all these girls they are only one part of your destruction will agree, in comedy on them will be saying I wanna be carved in your arm that there to you As I have A goal at your feet This will the prey be It is a light thing servant to a long, thin string hanging from that film it could hold my salvation into the string, into a photo And it’ll be bleeding, and thought I wanna be carved in your arm Redeemer of her past with love and arise princes also struggled with this project, as an actor in her feeling Like I acted like a sharp sword in her own home Frequent fights trying to connect with them all with drugs and these places that swallowed you up will hurt me whenever I leave you’re depressed you may say screaming I wanna be carved in your arm
some men bring you flowers some men pay the bills some stick around for hours and others stay til it kills cause one man's treasure is another man's lust some guys tell you what you want to hear and some of us you can trust some guys have game some of us know it's a war some would die in your name and some are just keeping score some men bring you flowers some men bring you beer his promise lasted six months but I'm still here I never gave you a ring I only gave you a knife it didn't cost me a thing it only cost me my life but blood is cheap
Fine 06:10
fine fuck it I don't even fucking care anymore why don't you just throw it all away?
when this happened I was going through my mind yeah it’s true The names have left him The first is about love the first day we disagree that night we were cute and stuff but we never realized that his face was all memories about to explode with each one of it changed for a long time Soon enough I told him that I knew him before I knew Him before I'm getting ready to be this guy to be not happen to know so we started to show how I know that we can't think clearly I was the most stupid girl at that time.
Dream Try Come Go on Want Change Wake up Wonder Why everything's the same Understand Understand Go on Beat Cry Say goodbye Go on Beat Cry Say goodbye Don't they know


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released February 23, 2016


all rights reserved



Lorenzo's Tractor Duluth, Minnesota

Lorenzo's Tractor is distorted information, misrepresented doctrines, abstracted absolutes, concepts and misconceptions, sounds which must exist because they can exist, a pure expression of the fabric of reality.

It ain't art, man. It's life.
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